Body care

A Borgo Beccanella it is also possible to follow a wellness programme....

Massage is an art as well as an old science dating back to the early life. Touch has become a way of communicating and of confronting in order to share affection and love: instinctively we rub the
hurting parts of the body to alleviate the pain.
Since the old days massage has been appreciated thanks to its healing power, to its capacity of restoring good humour and alleviating both physical and psychic pain, of restoring tone to the tired muscles and of easing tensions facilitating the energy balance of the individual.
In our world today, where human contact is no longer spontaneous and is not part of our everyday lives, massage becomes even more important assuming a role of vital nourishment which we often don't realize we need. Add to this the lifestyle and the rhythm of life that don't allow us to find
the time for a 'cuddle' or for both physical and mental charging times, not to forget the emotional one too.
Massaging, kneading the body helps to alleviate tense and sore muscles restoring their original elasticity. Massage, moreover, improves blood circulation and the whole cardiovascular system, helping a correct tissue oxygenation and in the meantime the elimination of wastes and toxins with a purifying action of the whole body.
The rubbing of hands on the skin affects directly the nervous system that, according to the movements made, can both stimulate or calm and therefore affect our feeling toned and/or relaxed, inducing a state of relief and well being.

Holistic massage
The holistic approach is meant as seeing the person as a whole (unity of body, mind and spirit) and therefore all the interventions and methods used are aimed at bringing the harmony of the whole. We do not concentrate specifically on a damaged organ or on a bad working system, but on the wholeness of the person to awaken the self-care powers of the body as well as of the mind, that is to say, seeing life with different eyes and therefore to allow the recovery of a state of equilibrium, of well being and peacefulness.

Why the Plantar reflexology?
The plantar reflexology is the study and practice of a specific massage that applies excellently to feet, where are located the points of correspondence with all the parts of the body. This massage, even though applied to a tiny part of the body, affects different parts of the body, improving the condition of balance and restoring it to its normality.
A state of relaxation is produced and the person who receives the massage finds himself/herself in the most favourable condition for the self-care.
A very important characteristic of the reflexology is that of its big power of prevention; as a matter of fact, as soon as an abnormal state occurs in our body, even if of little relevance, it is immediately registered in the foot; our feet are the archive of our imbalances of the present and past moment. Moreover, due to its large capacity of relaxing the body and the mind, this method is also excellent to eliminate those states of tension and stress typical of our time.
do not forget that, thanks to the stimulation of certain points of the foot, the immune system rebalances shortening the healing times from the mildest to the most severe infections.
Very important to remember is that plantar reflexology brings well being both to the person who has some problems and also to the person who feels in good shape so as to find an additional benefit.

Energy Techniques

Reiki - Pranic Healing
According to the ancient philosophical traditions, our body is made up of a visible physical part and of an energy invisible one called etheric field, which we act on with specific techniques.
These methods are applied at the discretion of the operator and go to balance our etheric sphere helping the body, mind and spirit to achieve balance and healing in a shorter time. It is possible that during these treatments long-suppressed emotional states come to the surface so that they can be processed and finally resolved.

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